I have a brand new car in my driveway my Mom said just like Pal you ordered it. I couldn’t stop laughing.

~ Rose Annmarie Jackson, Toronto

“I enjoyed reading your book and I must say you are one brave young lady, this book resonates with me and will with a few people I know. I’m so excited, can’t wait to share it with them. I just placed an order for 5 more.

~ Opal Robinson, Florida

Opening my eyes, heart and mind to desire more. No more settling for anything less than everything!

~ Ruth Kurtziolek, New York

So I finally devoured your book. I know I had it from August 27th but I was not in a space mentally to dive in the way I wanted to. I made it my first full read of 2018. What a gift.

Thank you for digging so deep into that place where you hurt and loving yourself so completely that you were able to share your journey with us.

You are a survivor, champion and an incredible inspiration. As I journeyed with you through your written words, I felt your pain, I even stopped to intentionally inhaled and exhaled a few times in solidarity, in defence, in sisterhood. As I walked your path, I drew from your strength and I prayed, asking the Lord to cancel the things I consciously and unconsciously ordered that were not of His will. I have new orders and will continue to order! If my Father is the creator of all things I have a right to order IT.

Thanks for taking us to the pain and showing us how to use if for our gain.

Blessings – Melody Bryan

Thank you Palmonia for sharing your life journey with us. Your book inspires me to keep pushing beyond my limits and everything I desire from life belongs to me if I order.

~ Nakeisha Geddes, Toronto

Order It is a brave journey into Palmonia’s heart and soul; whom she shares generously risking all for the sake of her own healing and inviting others to find their healing and hope in her story. Ultimately it’s a story of love; a journey to love oneself as a unique, original, beloved person no matter what was done or has been done since she knows who she is; the most prized possession of her God. The journey leads to love others freely and unashamedly enabling her to dream, believe and live again. Order It invites its readers to join her on the journey of love to find their freedom and to find their unique beauty and purpose in this world.

~ Cheryl Guinness

Yesterday, I received a copy of Palmonia’s “Order It’ book and was floored by the first few pages. Immediately, you are engrossed with her words and your heart breaks. Only because of what she had to endure. I can’t even imagine how Palmonia found strength, but she did. And for this, you can’t help feel inspired and motivated to pick yourself up and push just a little harder.

This book is to be read by anyone who is looking for a way to ‘order’ a change in their lives. I plan on using her tips and to pass on this information to those I know could use a helping hand.

Thank you so much Palmonia for sharing this story with us. You are a light that SHINES so bright!!!

~ Rose Ficco

First I must say congratulations on writing your first of many books. I was amazed when I saw your Facebook post of you receiving your first copies. what an exciting time for you I am proud of your bold step outside your comfort zone I know it must have been hard But you did IT!

I just finished reading your best seller and for me it turned me inward to reflect on my own life situation and the limits I put on myself and God. It made me remember that I serve a limitless God and he wants to grant me the desires of my heart in every area of my life.

Ordering it doesn’t come easy if you don’t believe you deserve it. But your book talks about loving yourself because when you love yourself you then believe in yourself, you then believe you ARE DESERVING. Thank you for having the courage to be so open to share your life’s journey with the world.

As you move forward into your divine purpose I know that God is preparing your heart to receive your GREAT LOVE.

~ Michelle Brown

Raw…Riveting and Unashamed. A testimony of Palmonia’s journey and faith in God – the Source of True Love. A journey of self-discovery out of the ashes to fulfilling her Divine Design. Prophetic in nature. Her journey is not over. Has yours begun? Have you “Ordered” It?

~ Marie Beckles

“Palmonia is an awesome workout partner, coach and friend. She recently coached through a situation and by the time she was done, I literally felt like a different person.”

~ Bunmi Adebanjo