Hi, I’m Palmonia!


I am a mother to five amazing children, leader, and friend. My story can be summarized in five words: determination, persistence, hard work, resourcefulness and positivity. 


At a very young age, I was stolen from my mom and suffered abuse at the hands of family members. Despite of my childhood, I persevered and so can you! I am a single mother of 5 amazing children and worked as a letter carrier with Canada Post.  


I worked as a letter carrier with Canada post and my job was very demanding and physically strenuous.  My body was falling apart. Knees, shoulders, and back; the worst was the effect on my mind. I wanted more, and knew I was designed for more.  I started to think what good is a pension if I won’t be able to enjoy it? What good is it if I die?  I knew I HAD to rescue ME!

I felt ME calling me from the inside; the one I had stifled for years.  I wanted to be more.  I AM MORE!


I was soon introduced to a home-based business in which I started to learn about personal development and after 23 years with the Post Office, I finally walked away because I had to order the life I truly deserved.

Thus, my first book “ORDER IT” was birthed. Order it is a guide to manifesting your dreams.  I later created “Order it Coaching Academy, an online platform serving women globally through group coaching, one-on-one coaching and public speaking.

I am a firm believer in the power of words and using your words to create your dream life.


Are you ready to change your life?  Are you ready to leave the corporate world?  Are you ready for freedom?


If you are, then I have the answer. It’s simple.  Just “Order it”!