“Learn to Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune.” – Jim Rohn


O…Openly look at all your
R…Requests/requirements to
E…Examine and Execute them to produce

I…I am
T…Thankful (a space of gratitude is the secret sauce to any dream or
desire you may have.)


The word “Order” means to command, request or ask for as well as to arrange, organize or bring in alignment.



This is exactly what you will receive as you proceed through the Order it Success Academy training. This will come in key areas like:

1. Personal Development – causes you to ask questions like: ‘what if I set goals and reach them? What if I decide to go for my dreams?
What value do I bring to those around me?

2. Goal Setting – is more than putting goals on paper. It determines to a great extend, the balance in your bank account, as well as who
you become as you work towards your goals.

3. Mentoring – one of the key component many business owners and entrepreneurs find missing on their journey and one that is essential to your success.

4. Accountability – a unique tracking system that allows you to see your progress and just like a rocket on its’ way to the moon, make small adjustments that enables you to hit your targets. It allows for you to look back at each stage of your journey and access your

5. Time Management – Making the necessary adjustments to ensure you accomplish your goals and stay balance in all areas of your
life. This provides opportunity to learn and improve what you already do.

6. Health – Spiritual, physical, emotional, financial – just as a car perform more efficiently when all it’s tires are properly balanced and
aligned; so are you better able to achieve more in all areas of your life if you are properly ‘balanced and aligned.’

7. Growth/Relationship through group involvement. Allows you to see and hear how others are doing, as well as allows for multiple input
on any topic discussed (personal mastermind so to speak.)

8. A New You! Celebrating, yes celebrating the journey and the process as you advance.



Training will be held on various platforms: zoom calls, emails and personal calls/messages. Assignment for the week will be sent via email each week and will be discussed on live zoom calls which include:

1. Review actions and results for the week (weekly for weeks 1-4)
2. Celebrate each person’s success
3. Check in on progress with accountability partners
4. Build faith/belief in yourself
5. Reprogramming of your minds through choice of words
6. FREE gift- choose 1 client each week to receive extra 30 minutes of Personal Coaching


True Success: “True success is living the life you truly desire to live, spiritually, physically, relationally and mentally…as you have defined it.”


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